I'm a freelance writer with a passion for science.

The Pillars of Creation in HD

Years ago, I bought my first astronomy textbook. I was 16 and absolutely thrilled to spend my summer learning about space and all that it contained. I was even more excited when I saw the […]

Jan, 06 · in Science

The Journey So Far

It’s an exciting time to be alive, yet I have noticed comments on the latest news articles and photos that some folks are a little unsure how all the latest commotion adds up to the […]

Dec, 23 · in Science,Videos

Understanding A Love of Science

My whole life seems to start with spying the Moon through a gun sight. It’s certainly been its own strange experiment to see just what the heck I am meant to do in this world. It’s […]

Dec, 02

Rain Has a Song

There is something about rain that brings me to peace. It’s like a nudge from mother nature telling me to take a moment to relax my mind. As a kid, I had this twin loft […]

Nov, 20

He Is My Husband

  He is my husband, my lover, my missing puzzle piece.   His pillow is the softest, his embrace the warmest. The kindest eyes you will ever greet.       With a contagious smile […]

Sep, 11

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Well, maybe just the champagne wishes. I don’t think there is any way I’d dream of eating caviar. But champagne! There was a lovely bottle of it waiting for us when we arrived at our […]

Jul, 15

Living In The Moment

I force myself to live in the moment. The other night Andrew and I were laying in bed and he held my hand while we were talking. Something about that moment felt special — I […]

Jul, 10

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