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Vampirates: Chapter 1

Death Becomes Her It was the year 1720 when I died — the first time, at least. My shipmates and I had been captured and as we waited to be hanged, I devised a brilliant […]

Jul, 13 · in Clips,Creative

An Extra Terrestrial’s Guide to Planet Earth

You wake, groggily, to the sound of an alarm. It pulses in your ear, gently, telling you it’s time to climb out of your cryo-bed. The alarm quiets as you exit the bed, handing off responsibility […]

Jun, 15 · in Clips,Creative,Science


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Originally posted August 14, 2009 on Game and Player.  Let me tell you about a breathtaking world. It is a tiny place full of life […]

Feb, 10

World of Goo

Follow the Goo Balls toward destiny. Originally published March 23, 2009 on Game & Player. Ever so peacefully the Goo Balls sleep nestled together in the grass, when a large wobbly structure slowly leans over […]

Feb, 08

PAX 2009

Welcome home. Originally published September 17, 2009 on Game and Player. When August rolls around I tend to get excited for reasons that even my own family finds strange, and that is saying something. It […]

Jan, 25

The Pillars of Creation in HD

Years ago, I bought my first astronomy textbook. I was 16 and absolutely thrilled to spend my summer learning about space and all that it contained. I was even more excited when I saw the […]

Jan, 06

The Journey So Far

It’s an exciting time to be alive, yet I have noticed comments on the latest news articles and photos that some folks are a little unsure how all the latest commotion adds up to the […]

Dec, 23

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