I'm a freelance writer with a passion for science.

Rain Has a Song

There is something about rain that brings me to peace. It’s like a nudge from mother nature telling me to take a moment to relax my mind. As a kid, I had this twin loft […]

Nov, 20 · in Blog Writing,Writing

He Is My Husband

  He is my husband, my lover, my missing puzzle piece.   His pillow is the softest, his embrace the warmest. The kindest eyes you will ever greet.       With a contagious smile […]

Sep, 11 · in Poetry,Writing

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Well, maybe just the champagne wishes. I don’t think there is any way I’d dream of eating caviar. But champagne! There was a lovely bottle of it waiting for us when we arrived at our […]

Jul, 15

Living In The Moment

I force myself to live in the moment. The other night Andrew and I were laying in bed and he held my hand while we were talking. Something about that moment felt special — I […]

Jul, 10

Insert Joke About Getting “High”

I have been asked, on occasion, why on Earth I am afraid of flying in a plane when I have a physics degree. Clearly, I must understand how science is allowing these machines to take […]

May, 15

Science Fiction Excerpt #1

The first excerpt from my science fiction novel. She expertly laid out her sleeper bag between sections of bulkhead; her cloud-like breathe the only evidence that this secret place was hardly meant for long-term habitation. A […]

Apr, 30

Going Freelance

I used to hate writing. It always seemed to get in the way of other things (namely fun). It wasn’t til mid-college that I realized that even though I greatly disliked it — I was […]

Mar, 25

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