I'm a freelance writer with a passion for science.

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Well, maybe just the champagne wishes. I don’t think there is any way I’d dream of eating caviar. But champagne! There was a lovely bottle of it waiting for us when we arrived at our […]

Jul, 15 · in Our Wedding

Living In The Moment

I force myself to live in the moment. The other night Andrew and I were laying in bed and he held my hand while we were talking. Something about that moment felt special — I […]

Insert Joke About Getting “High”

I have been asked, on occasion, why on Earth I am afraid of flying in a plane when I have a physics degree. Clearly, I must understand how science is allowing these machines to take […]

May, 15

Science Fiction Excerpt #1

The first excerpt from my science fiction novel. She expertly laid out her sleeper bag between sections of bulkhead; her cloud-like breathe the only evidence that this secret place was hardly meant for long-term habitation. A […]

Apr, 30

Going Freelance

I used to hate writing. It always seemed to get in the way of other things (namely fun). It wasn’t til mid-college that I realized that even though I greatly disliked it — I was […]

Mar, 25

World of Lifecraft

World of Warcraft has been a sort of crutch of mine for some time now. It has taken an equal amount of time to overcome my fear of admitting that I play WoW. See, I […]

Mar, 24


  Even when still, I change. Ever-changing. Ever-growing. Always knowing. That I can achieve my dreams. That I can find joy in unpleasant places. That I can change and still be me. Still be content. Still […]

Feb, 18

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