I'm a freelance writer with a passion for science.

Going Freelance

I used to hate writing. It always seemed to get in the way of other things (namely fun). It wasn’t til mid-college that I realized that even though I greatly disliked it — I was […]

Mar, 25 · in Blog Writing

World of Lifecraft

World of Warcraft has been a sort of crutch of mine for some time now. It has taken an equal amount of time to overcome my fear of admitting that I play WoW. See, I […]

Mar, 24 · in WoW


  Even when still, I change. Ever-changing. Ever-growing. Always knowing. That I can achieve my dreams. That I can find joy in unpleasant places. That I can change and still be me. Still be content. Still […]

Feb, 18

Happy Occupational Metamorphosis Day!

I bet you didn’t know that was a thing. Well, it’s not but I made it so. Basically, today is my last day as an employee of a company, and the week leading up to […]

Jan, 31

A Wedding in Rapture Ceremony

As many of you know, earlier this month I married the greatest man in the universe. I have received a few requests about the ceremony transcript, and so I promised to deliver! Here, in its […]

Jan, 22

Little 33

I read an article on Christmas Eve about Roger Ebert’s final moments. It was the fourth time I let myself think about death since my father passed away. Anxiety throughout my life has made me […]

Jan, 02

Stardate -309289.1672374428: Site Maintenance

I didn’t back up my site, naturally. Who thought making a simple change in WordPress would bork your entire site? Not me. Lesson learned. Stay tuned while I fix everything.   Jes

Sep, 17

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