My Résumé



I am a creative science writer and educator with a degree in Physics and a minor in Education. I have 15 years of writing experience, and I have spent an accumulated 5 years teaching kids and young adults in the math and science fields.

Raised during the original Cosmos and 3-2-1 Contact era of public television programming, I have grown up with science both as a subject of interest and personal enjoyment. I have worked very hard to gain the experience I need to follow in the footsteps of my heroes Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, and Sir Arthur C. Clarke.


Check out my clips here.

Freelance Writer & Editor
January 2012 – Present

  • Write and direct episodic scripts for the YouTube series Girl Girl Trouble Time.
  • Provide consulting and editing services for clients.
  • Generate engaging articles promoting scientific research to a wider audience.
  • Develop a science-based YouTube series in conjunction with science research articles.

Lead Copywriter & Editor at MechanicNet Group Inc.
April 2011 – January 2014 (2 years 10 months)

  • Contribute topical articles for monthly newsletters to clients, and edit articles by guest writers from the company.
  • Produce blog entries twice a week on relevant topics targeted towards helping clients with marketing and social media.
  • Work with the graphics and marketing team to develop a corporate website for new company verticals, digital and physical collateral, and web advertisements for our clients.
  • Design written tutorials for new products, rewrite old ones, create company manuals and guides, and manage a company-wide style guide to improve all front-facing copy.
  • Design, develop, and implement social media initiatives within the company, then adapt initiatives to work for clients to help develop improve SEO search rankings and brand awareness.

Video Games Editor for Giant Fire Breathing Robot

  • Write editorials and news round-ups related to video gaming.
  • Edit submitted articles and schedule them for publishing.
  • Attend conventions and interview developers and relevant celebrities.

Associate Editor for Game & Player Magazine

  • Write and edit reviews and commentary related to video gaming.
  • Communicate with developers to build beneficial relationships.
  • Attend conventions such as E3 and PAX and write articles based on appointments with developers and interviews.


I have a few years of experience with theater: performance, directing, prop design, and set design/construction. I also have sufficient programming skills in C, C++, and I am self-taught at HTML and CSS. I am familiar with the following software: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe CS Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator), Scrivener. I have worked in Windows, Mac, and Linux OS environments.

As an editor for two video game review websites, I spent about three years contributing reviews, interviews, and editorials. This led to my last job where I juggle several writing and editing projects at a time that ranged from internal documentation on social media strategies, to blog articles and newsletters, to ad copy. Thanks to National Novel Writing Month, I started two book projects that I continue to develop in my free time.


Writer/Director for Girl Girl Trouble Time
March 2012 – Present

Girl Girl Trouble Time is a live-action web series about superheroes and villains, and the strange things that happen when two become friends. With the help of a fantastic cast and crew, we are hoping to release the 6 episode series online in 2015.

  • Write full seasons in six-episode spans with two assistant writers.
  • Collaborate with designer to create costumes and props.
  • Work with producer to develop storyboards, film schedules, and update the project budget.
  • Meet with director of photography and script supervisor to discuss storyboards and filming requirements.

Hazel the Astro-Tot (Working Title) – Author

A children’s science fiction story about a little girl who lives on board a starship. The story follows her on a typical day and showcases what careers are possible once she is older. The underlying theme is to support young girls imaginations and how that plays a role in how they see themselves once they have the ability to reach for their dreams.

Vampirates – Author

Vampirates is a historical novel following the disappearance of the world’s most famous lady pirate, Anne Bonny. It is said she was to be hanged at the gallows on the island of Port Royal, but she went missing before it was carried out. With her whereabouts unknown to history, Vampirates tells a story of bravery, of pirates, and naturally of vampires.

Sojourn – Author

Sojourn is a science fiction novel set in the far distant future when humanity is expanding by leaps and bounds. Hazel, a curious and inventive young girl lives aboard a terraforming ship with her father, a lead engineer. Together they are embarking on a journey to begin the first phase of constructing a new colony on the planet Ethoria. From orbit, Ethoria is a quiet and desolate planet. But beneath its surface hides something that will change Hazel’s future forever.


University of California, Davis
(2005 – 2007)

Major: Bachelors, Physics
Minor: Education
Activities and Societies: Physics Club

American River College

Major: Associates Degree, Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Activities and Societies: ARC Astronomical Society President, Physics for Lunch Bunch,  Physics A series TA, ARCade tournament coordinator, Phi Theta Kappa, Drama Dept Set Builder

Volunteer Work

CastAR Demo Staff

I was invited by my friends at Technical Illusions to help demo CastAR to patrons at Maker Faire and the Game Developers Conference. I described the basics of how the hardware worked while the demos were being played.

Sweetheart Leadership Camp Counselor for DeMolay International

I have been a camp counselor and leadership educator to young girls between the ages of 14 and 21. Over the course of 4 days, 30 girls attend classes, go on nature walks, bond with team building exercises, and improve their leadership skills.

As a camp counselor, I teach a variety of subjects: Time Management, Self Esteem, Astronomy, Self Defense and Safety, Online Safety, and Web Design Basics. Along with the other counselors, our goal is to design a curriculum that broadens their horizons while teaching them useful skills.